Golfing with players who cheat

chaet_golfIn the game of golf, hazards are generally the sand traps and small bodies of water that golfers have to avoid to keep their score down. But in some cases, the people you’re playing with turn out to be the hazards.

In a recent round of golf I was paired up with a older couple who were very friendly, but turned out to be heinous cheaters.  They hit at least twice off every tee. When they hit from the fairway and didn’t like where their ball landed, they dropped a new ball in a more auspicious place and proceeded to hit from there. The woman consistently teed up on the fairway so she could hit with her driver. Both the man and woman took their time and never once acknowledged (or apologized for) the fact that they were holding up the game — including us and the players behind us.

The most ridiculous part? They both kept score. I’m baffled as to why — perhaps as heinous cheaters they gave themselves 18 holes in one. I mean, if you’re going to lie, why not go all the way?

I don’t know who they thought they were kidding, but I hope our golf carts never cross paths again.