One of my best friends has been trying to get pregnant for several years. After much disappointment and dashed hopes, she and her husband reconciled themselves with the fact that Mother Nature wasn’t supporting their natural methods, so they turned to modern science and started the In Vitro process.

What followed was a year in which my friend was subjected to the emotional and physical challenges associated with the IVF process. She took copious amounts of pills, was poked with needles and prodded by doctors and nurses, then suffered the disappointment of an unsuccessful first attempt at IVF. At this point my friend and her husband developed a profound appreciation for what a miracle conception truly is. We can put a man on the moon, but even modern science can’t always help a woman get pregnant.

But as night follows day… just as my friend entered another round of IVF, and she and her husband decided that if this attempt was unsuccessful they would look into adoption — a miracle occurred! Mother Nature joined forces with technology and the implanted, fertilized egg is now a happy embryo in my friend’s womb!

I believe there are times when we have to send a strong message to God, the Universe, what have you – that we are committed to having what we truly desire, and facing challenges like these is a necessary step in sending that message. Thankfully, I now know 2 people who are rejoicing that their message was received.


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